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Sparks Seniors Netball

Sparks have 6 teams playing in the Senior divisions of the North London Netball League.  


Seniors training is competitive and a lively event on a Monday evening at Channing School.  Training is led by Elaine Smith-Modu, Janice Campbell and supported by Jay Homewood for fitness training.

Term Dates 2023/24


The seniors teams currently play in the following divisions of the NLNL:

  • Division 2 – 1 team
  • Division 4 – 2 teams
  • Division 5 – 1 team
  • Division 6 – 2 teams

Training Location

Weekday training is held at Channing Senior school – The Bank, Highgate, London N6 5HF.


North London Netball League
SENIORS, U16, U14, U13 & U12

The seniors play in the North London Netball League playing at Broomfield Park.

Fees and EN Affiliation

For information regarding the fees for Seniors membership please contact


We encourage all players to have a club hoodie.  Players are required to wear a club dress and hoodie when attending matches or tournaments.   The dress is not compulsory unless playing a match.

Dresses and hoodies are ordered in batches at specific times throughout the year.  Please be aware that any kit ordered may not be delivered immediately.

Please contact the Kit Manager at for information regarding ordering either match day dresses or hoodies.